Tibetan Christians in Tibet

Tibetan Christians in Tibet

Not many people know that there are Tibetans following Christianity in Tibet.

This 5 minute documentary shows the Tibetan Christians praying in this church in Upper Saltwell village in Markham County, Changdu.

Built by French missionaries in 1865, this Church is the only Catholic Church in Tibet, says this documentary by CCTV, a Chinese government Television channel.

Dressed in Chupa with cross around their neck and Buddhist rosary on their hands, the Tibetan Christians are seen praying and reading Bible in Tibetan.

Many families in this village follow two religions. For instance: husband is Christian and wife is Tibetan Buddhist.

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  1. Hellow Greetings.

    This is Pr. Michael Ripon Biswas from Bangladesh.
    I want to visit Tibet next year. I need some Christian Church address and some pastor address or email Id. Can you help me.

    Pr. Michael Ripon Biswas
    Executive Director
    National Christian Prayer Fellowship of Bangladesh
    email: ncpfb1@gmail.com

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