Tibetan model invited at Tibet Dog Europe

Tibetan model invited at Tibet Dog Europe
with Mastiff
Photo Source: Tenzin Dolma/Facebook 

Delhi-based Fashion model and former Miss Tibet, Tenzin Dolma, was invited at Tibet Dog Europe 2016 held from March 25-27 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Addressing the gathering at the Tibetan Mastiff Congress, she spoke about Tibetan dogs and Tibet.

Photo Source: Tenzin Dolma/Facebook
Photo Source: Tenzin Dolma/Facebook

Besides getting opportunity to speak about Tibet at couple of other platforms including one at University of Tartu, Dolma’s story received full page coverage in a local magazine.



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3 thoughts on “Tibetan model invited at Tibet Dog Europe

  1. You are my real inspiration, you inspire me that we Tibetan girls also can stand up and can become a popular model in India if we work really hard like you did and doing now also :). I request you to help all other Tibetan girls who are willing to do modeling. I am hoping to join modeling after my graduation or or may be between college days.
    Thank you Tenzin Dolma la
    With Regards
    Ngawang Dolma

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. I definitely would love to see more professional Tibetan models in Indian industry and others also. Whatever suggestion you need you can contact me in my Facebook profile.zintendol 💜

  3. Yes you are an inspirational to all the Tibetan girls . You are an ideal to them in gaining self confidence from inner and outer form. Even I thought to become a model like you it is my dream since from childhood But I do have a doubt about the complications of needing an Indian passport in this field. Do we need Indian passport in this field ?

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