Tibetan women Footballers to play in Germany

Tibetan women Footballers to play in Germany

Seven players of Tibet Women’s football are in Berlin, Germany to participate in the Discover Football, International Women’s Football Cultural Festival from 27 June to 6 July.

Teams from many countries including China are participating in this tournament in which the players will be split up and mixed into teams with players from other countries to participate in a friendly tournament. Some of the Tibetan contingent will be playing alongside Chinese players.

Pic Source: Facebook/Cassie Chiders
Pic Source: Facebook/Cassie Chiders


The Tibet Women’s Football programme was launched in 2011 in India.

Cassie Childers of USA who started Tibet Women’s Football says: “This is the first time that female Tibetan athletes have travelled abroad to represent Tibet at a sporting event.”

Tibet Women Football 2


Read the full story @ www.tibetsun.com

Watch this video about the team by Charlie White.

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