Many things are controversial about this book: Anne Thurston, author of The Noodle Maker of Kalimpong

Many things are controversial about this book: Anne Thurston, author of The Noodle Maker of Kalimpong

The book which tells the life story of Gyalo Thondup, the older brother of Dalai Lama, is the most eagerly awaited and most talked about book of the year for the Tibetans and the Tibet watchers.

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In this Talk (Video below) on the book organized by Tibet Policy Institute (TPI) to the staff of Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Anne F. Thurston, the author of the book, takes the audience through the book and gives highlights.

Answering to the questions from the audience after the Talk, Anne shares what she thinks of Gyalo Thondup’s allegations against the Tsarong family, which is one of controversial issues in the book.

Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, the moderator of this talk, asks: “After reading this book, what should we take away?”

Anne replies: “At 86, Gyalo Thondup feels his time is over. But he hopes the next generation of Tibetans will read this book. He understands that many don’t know the history as he tells in this book. He hopes that the younger generation of Tibetans will learn from his mistakes. He believes that the younger generation is better educated, much more aware of the world outside, lives already in a more modern world that they will be able to find solutions that he couldn’t find.”

“I met many young Tibetans and learnt how important this book is for them. I met a group of young Tibetans in US before coming to India, and all of them are very moved by the book and really appreciated the book. And I am glad for that,” says Anne.

The Talk, which is a part of TPI-Talk Series, was held in Nyatri Hall, CTA on 29th June.


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One thought on “Many things are controversial about this book: Anne Thurston, author of The Noodle Maker of Kalimpong

  1. In April 1973, just months before the official coronation of the current monarch, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the government of Bhutan announced the arrest of more than thirty individuals, almost all of them Tibetan refugees. The arrests were said to be in response to a plot that had begun a year earlier with the fatal heart attack of the previous monarch. During the latter years of this king’s reign, one of the most influential people was his alleged mistress. This woman, Ashi Yanki, was accused of being the ringleader of a group that had plotted to kill the young heir to the throne, set fire to the capital of Thimpu, and, in the resulting confusion, carry out a coup that would have effectively put Bhutan under the control of Tibetan refugees. The purpose of this coup, it was claimed, was to turn Bhutan into a military camp and a staging area for raids into neighboring China. It was further alleged that Ashi Yanki’s major source of support and encouragement was none other than Gyalo Thondup [the Dalai Lama’s brother]. …

    so here i am not reading this asshole book, and the tibetan refugee are the problem creator all over the world which they even try to assianted my king take over the place but as they failed save their country so do they for my country.**** you Gyalo Thondup

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