The first Tibetan Crowdfunding website

The first Tibetan Crowdfunding website

Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Gofundme are some of the popular global crowdfunding websites through which people raise much needed funds for their dream projects.

Now a group of young Tibetans have started a crowdfunding website that targets young Tibetan entrepreneurs.


With Sherap Therchin, Tashi Tsering and Rinchen Wangchuk as the team, is a crowdfunding company designed to bridge young Tibetans with their supporters and help convert their ideas into real businesses.

“Number of innovative Tibetans have been on rise in the last few years and Tibet Startup will provide them opportunity to convert their innovative ideas into actions” says the company.

However, TibetStartup charges 5% fee on the funds you raise regardless of whether the target is met or not.

Short video from the company 

Check Tibetstartup here

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