Semshook, the movie, available online for free

Semshook, the movie, available online for free

2010 film, Semshook, is a story of Tenzin, a restless young poet and a second generation Tibetan born and brought up in India, who after many years in exile decides to return to his homeland, Tibet, in search of his own voice and identity.

What follows is a road trip across the Himalayas, from Dharamsala to Ladakh, where Tenzin loses himself in experiences and the moment, hoping to find himself along the way. What he finds is a sense of his karma, a glimpse of his destiny, and mirrored in that is the destiny of the Tibetan nation.

Tenzin decides to cross one of the most volatile borders in the world on a personal quest – to see his country with his own eyes. It is a noble aim, and while in pursuit of it Tenzin finds the courage it takes to pursue the truth. He finds his Semshook.


The film was directed By Siddharth Anand Kumar, produced by Francisco Leria and written by Sudip Sharma and Rahul Singh. The film ran 116 minutes. It is available in Hindi and Tibetan (with English subtitles).


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