Have you ever seen any film from Lhasa?

Have you ever seen any film from Lhasa?
Video grab from the film. Yangchuk Tso on right.
Video grab from the film. Yangchuk Tso on right. 

What will you do if only you know that you are responsible for the death of your dear one?

Will you hide or reveal the truth to face the legal consequences, sacrificing your love and dreams?

Yangchuk Tso, popular Tibetan singer and actor from Amdo, plays the main protagonist Dekyi, a taxi driver and a drummer of Sunshine band.

With modern day Lhasa as setting, The film Dekyi Metok Tuksher is bilingual: Chinese and Tibetan with English subtitle.

Story and the major cast are Tibetans, but the film is produced by Chinese film companies and directed by Wang Yi.

The film is posted on YouTube. Watch it here.

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