Yet another win for Palden Digkhang

Yet another win for Palden Digkhang
Palden (2nd from right) and Charles House, the winner ( 3rd from the right) Photo Courtesy: Palden Digkhang

Just two months after winning 1st position in the Light Heavyweight category of NPC Mid USA & NPC New Mexico, Santa Fe’s Tibetan Bodybuilder Palden Digkhang won second position in High Caliber light Heavyweight class at NPC Sun City Regional National Qualifier 2016 held at El Paso, Texas, on August 20.

This regional competition had Bodybuilders from three states: Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, and also from Mexico country. The category in which Palden competed had 8 highly competitive Bodybuilders, and he is the only Asian.

Courtesy: Choney
Courtesy: Tsering Choney 

Really happy for the chance to compete at this show and hope to keep competing at bigger High Caliber shows.  And to reach NPC National level in future,” says Palden, who plunged into Bodybuilding in the winter of 2010 and won NPC Mid USA & New Mexico State Championship in 2014.

Photo Courtesy: Lhasaian Studio/Facebook
Palden Digkhang. Photo Courtesy: Lhasaian Studio/Facebook

Those following Palden’s journey see his future promising. Charles House, the winner of NPC Sun City Regional National Qualifier 2016 mentioned this on his Facebook, “…Palden Digkhang….I keep saying this over and over again, it was such a huge honor to battle with you my friend. You have a crazy/beautiful future ahead of you!…”

Short video about the event. Source: YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Yet another win for Palden Digkhang

    1. Thank you Dranang Dekyi Choedon la. Stepping on Bodybuilding stage as Tibetan has been honor. I Hope to reach high level as much as possible in near future – my well wish to you –
      Thank you Tsetan la and team at Dancing Yaks for continue to publish my story….—
      Palden Digkhang

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