Tibetan girls Skydiving will leave you awestruck

Tibetan girls Skydiving will leave you awestruck

WOW! I like the third and fourth ones.They look so professional… just like in the movie… running like lion and then flying like dragon,” said Tsering Samdup’s comment on this facebook video posted by Tenzin T Lhagotsang.

The video titled: “Tibetan Women Skydiving” has no clear description, but apparently these Tibetan girls are from Special Frontier Force of Indian Army, undergoing parachute jump training. Several girls, one with “NEVER GIVE UP” written on her helmet, are seen jumping off the aircraft one after another, leaving many viewers awestruck by their bravery.

Aapki bahaduri ko mera salute, Jai hind,” wrote facebook user Kuldeep Singh in his comment.

Close to 200 facebook users have shared this 2 min video. Check it out!

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