His Boycott China Hindi poetry goes viral in Corona Times  

His Boycott China Hindi poetry goes viral in Corona Times  

Video of Tsering Phuntsok reciting,Yeh Cheen Hai, Yeh Sab Chhen lega, went viral in the Tibetan world in June 2020 at the peak of Corona Virus Pandemic around the world.

One Indian TV channel aired the video, consequently reaching many Indians for whom the poetry is targeted at.

Much curiosity was generated among the Tibetans: who is this guy who writes and recites Hindi poetry like a native Hindi poet does?

Singer Yeshi Khandro and Vlogger Gaga Family invited him on their Virtual Talk shows to know about the man in the spotlight.

Turns out, Tsering Phuntsok is a New Yorker who moved from India. His interest in Hindi poetry dates back to his school days of CST Mussoorie, the first Tibetan school in India established in 1960.

Getting his first Hindi poetry published in the annual school magazine in 2005 encouraged him and became his passion. Besides poetry, he is also very popular for the Sunny Deol mimicry. Some of his other notable poems are: Tu Zinda Rahega, a moving tribute to Late Irfan Pathan; and Chan Sawal, on the desperate Indian migrants walking home during the Lockdown.

Check out his Youtube channel where he shares his poetry and biking adventures.

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