Tibetan Sweater Business – A Documentary Film

Tibetan Sweater Business – A Documentary Film

Sweater selling has been the main livelihood of majority of the Tibetan refugees in India. Come September and the Tibetans throng the northern Indian town of Ludhiana in Punjab to buy the sweaters. With the onset of October Tibetans are scattered in different corners of India selling sweaters in makeshift TIBETAN REFUGEE MARKET until February when they wrap up and head back to their respective settlements for Losar.

Source: Internet. Date and Photographer unknown

This documentary film explores the past and present of this business, and the relationship between the Tibetans and the Indian lalas.  This film, published on Youtube on 29 July, is produced by Department of Information and International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala, India.

Source: Youtube/Tibetonlinetv

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