Book Launch: Broken Portraits by Kaysang

Book Launch: Broken Portraits by Kaysang

Broken Portraits, a book of Poems by Kaysang, was launched at Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala on Dec 16.  The book was published by Blackneck Books, an imprint of TibetWrites publishers.

Couple of days before the launch, on her Facebook page, Kaysang wrote, “I’m excited that a few of the small poems I have been jotting down on scraps of paper, numerous incomplete diaries and my phone over the years are finally published!”

Check this LIVE video, shared on her Facebook page, of her reciting poems at the launch.

Kaysang is the Editor/Co-founder of Tibetan Feminist Collective. Check this Video interview by Voice of Tibet in which she talks about Tibetan Feminist Collective and the women in Tibetan society.

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