Tibetan Sweater markets keeping Indians warm during winter  

Tibetan Sweater markets keeping Indians warm during winter   

Selling sweaters, the livelihood of most Tibetans in India for several decades, is  a winter business which runs from November through January.  The woolen garments of Tibetan market are very popular among Indians of all ages for the good quality, variety and affordability.  “Paon kay Mojey sey,  sarkey Topi tak sab Kuch Milega yahan, ”  says Tenzin, one of the sweater sellers in the video above.

Tibetans leave their settlements to start their makeshift Tibetan markets spread across most cities and towns in India. They return to their settlements just before Losar, and they live off this seasonal income for the rest of the year until the winter sets in again.

In the video above, a local TV Channel HBTV YUVA shows the winter collection at Tibetan sweater Market in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and find out how the business has been so far this winter.

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