Tibetan-American Politician Aftab shares his American Dream

Tibetan-American Politician Aftab shares his American Dream

Aftab Pureval from Ohio ran for US Congress elections in 2018, becoming the first Tibetan ever to do so. His Indian father and Tibetan mother emigrated from India to US in 1980.

He didn’t win, but the excited Tibetan diaspora rooted and followed his election journey closely.

The Democrat entered US politics in 2016, when he got elected as Hamilton County Clerk of Courts in Ohio. He got re-elected this month for four more years.

Inspired by the whole experience so far, he encourages young Tibetan Americans to realize their American dream.

“…But that American dream just doesn’t happen. You and me have to fight every single day to make it happen. I encourage especially the young Tibetans to get into the arena because change will happen only if you make it happen,” Aftab said during ICT’s (International Campaign for Tibet) virtual Talk last week. 

Despite of the challenges and barriers to enter US politics dominated by the white majority, he believes in it’s inclusiveness.

“… because one generation, my family went from being refugees to now holding a County-wide elected position. And that story only happens in this country,” said Aftab, who studied Law and worked as Lawyer before joining US politics.

The 2 hour long ICT Talk has two sessions, the first has US Special Co-coordinator for Tibetan Issues Robert A. Destro interacting with young Tibetan Americans, and the second with Aftab starts at 42nd minute.

Here is the Video.

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