Tibetan MMA fighter wins debut fight by knock out

Tibetan MMA fighter wins debut fight by knock out

Tenzin Ngawang

19-yr-old New Yorker Tenzin Ngawang knocked out his opponent in 23 seconds of the first round of the fight at Fight Club Champion 4  held in New Jersey on  July 10.

Hailed as the First Tibetan MMA fighter, this is his debut in professional MMA fight.


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)  is a full-contact sport that combines different fighting styles, including karate, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, Vale Tudo, Muay Thai and Brazilian Ju jitsu.

Video Source: Youtube/Sonammarpa   

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7 thoughts on “Tibetan MMA fighter wins debut fight by knock out

  1. I am very much interested to make a career out of this sport, so is there any way I could get a chance to train under the likes of famous gyms like AKA, i am ready to give every thing, let me know. Good luck to you our first mma buddy.

  2. Excellent share. Good to know that a Tibetan fighter has made his debut to mixed martial arts. Best of luck for his great future. I also got training for mma few years ago but I was not lucky enough to get a chance in real mma fight.

  3. Im just proud for being tibetan..
    It’s grt to know that we too have ME A fighter..
    Best of luck bro…
    Hope you will reach the greatest heights..

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