How to Resize photo for Indian Visa? Try this App…

How to Resize photo for Indian Visa? Try this App…

If you are a foreigner applying for India Visa Online, it has specific requirements for the size and the format of the photo. Resizing and converting image to meet the requirement is technically challenging and frustrating for many applicants. However, this new app named VisaPic India, solves this problem.

The maker of this App, New York-based Social Entrepreneur Thupten N Chakrishar, writes on his Facebook post, ” After receiving multiple requests from friends and family to resize and convert images, I decided to create a small program to simplify the process. I hope this tool makes things easier for everyone!

Well, it certainly does as Priya Singh from Richmond, Virginia writes this on the page of this App, ” “Uploading passport photos for four applications turned into a nightmare! It took several tries, what a waste of time – over five hours! Thankfully, I stumbled upon this website and was able to resize and convert images in under 10 minutes. So much easier!” 

Here is the link to App.  Don’t forget to leave your Feedback there or here.

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