Tsering Rithar: 20 years of filmmaking in Nepal

Tsering Rithar: 20 years of filmmaking in Nepal

Nepal-based acclaimed filmmaker Tsering Rithar Sherpa is once again in spotlight. This time for Kalo Pothi, the much awaited internationally acclaimed Nepali movie releasing in Nepal on June 3.

Tsering is one of the producers of the film, which is directed by debutant director Min Bahadur Bham.

From winning the Best Film for his debut documentary film  The Spirit Doesn’t Come Anymore at Film South Asia 1997 to receiving rave reviews for his last project Singha Durbar, a political drama TV series, it has been a noteworthy filmmaking journey in Nepal for 20 years.

In this interview with M&S VMAG, Tsering narrates this journey.


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