Bhutila Karpoche won Canadian Provincial election

Bhutila Karpoche won Canadian Provincial election

New Democratic Party member Bhutila represents Parkdale-High Park in the Ontario Provincial Parliament after winning the election in June 2018.

34 year old, who moved from Nepal to Toronto with her family at the age of 18,  made history by becoming the first Tibetan ever elected to public office in North America.

Bhutila, Public Health PhD candidate,  shares her background story and future plans in this interview with Voice of America Tibetan service.


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One thought on “Bhutila Karpoche won Canadian Provincial election

  1. Tibetans should not be in politics in the america because that supports our invaders of our continent. I am the indigenous of the america continent and we don’t think Tibetans should be entering the political world on our land as they are refugees in exile and being helped on our land. We were invaded by China first in 1881 and we were never helped by anyone and now we have a population of over 260 million destroying our future. Two wrongs don’t make it right or give the Tibetans any power to become political on a land that has been suffering to regain its own power and control back since 214 years. Bhutila is also married to a DNA that has invaded our lands in 1904 and he is not invited to live here along with their daughter who is mixed with Africa, another DNA not invited to live here. She should have married into her own DNA to protect her people instead of betraying her future family tree. We know everyone that lives in our cartography. If Tibetans continue to rally for political rights in our continent which also includes New Zealand, there will be misfortune for their future here in the america continent. Our clans and DNA are fighting to regain control of our land using mantra and our tantras. So the tantras will begin to take over Tibetan economy and their rights to chose.

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